DOWNLOAD: Dell Technologies Cloud PowerScale for Azure, powered by Faction.

Faction and Dell Technologies provide a joint multi-cloud data service that delivers ultra high performance for some of the most demanding workloads, including large-capacity, high performance applications like Genomics analysis. 


In this independent audit by ESG, the following features were validated:Click to Download

  • Scale—The ability to massively scale HPC workloads such as genomics or big data analytics, delivering up to 90GB/sec of throughput per file system while supporting tens of petabytes in a single file system.
  • Cost efficiency—Up to 87% lower compute costs to acquire and operate than on-premises solutions.
  • Ease of use and management—The solution can manage dozens of petabytes in a single file system rather than the hundreds of namespaces required by other solutions. Direct integration with Azure assures ease of consumption, and an end-to-end managed service provides simple and predictable subscription-based pricing. Existing customers of Dell EMC PowerScale benefit from turnkey replication capabilities built into the platform.
  • Accessibility—Simultaneous multi-protocol access from thousands of instances.
  • Zero egress fees—Avoiding egress charges enables workloads that require a lot of temporary writes to the PowerScale storage nodes to cost-effectively take advantage of Azure's application services. 




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Overcome Data Gravity with a True Multi-Cloud Approach

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