You Can Overcome the Challenges of Multi-Cloud

    Today, chances are high your organization is moving data in and out of multiple cloud service providers like GCP, AWS, and Azure... and whether you planned for it or not, you’re bound to face:

    • high egress fees
    • distributed data 
    • data silos 
    • data gravity 
    • high latency
    • duplicated data

    But what if you could overcome or outright avoid, these challenges?

    In this white paper, you’ll discover a solution that:
    • reduces egress costs by a factor of 3 to 4
    • keeps all your data arranged in one place - acting as a single source of truth
    • allows you to take advantage of best-of-breed services from each hyperscaler
    • makes your data accessible by multiple clouds simultaneously






    "As more and more organizations move their workloads into the public cloud, many are increasingly working with multiple cloud providers. According to Flexera’s State of the Cloud Report, 89% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and 80% have a hybrid cloud strategy. This multi-cloud strategy can happen for several reason—both planned and unplanned. Some firms may have regulatory requirements leading them to multi-cloud, while others may be seeking a best-of-breed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, such as the best machine learning toolkit. Some may end up in a multi-cloud scenario through acquisition. No matter how you end up there, the
    challenges of multi-cloud management are similar."